Protection Planning

An often overlooked part of a complete financial plan, risk management is an integral part of our total wealth management approach. As your complete wealth management source, we can provide you with comprehensive risk management solutions.

Life Insurance

Life insurance enables you to ensure that if something happens to you that your spouse and family will be able to maintain their current standard of living. Certain types of life insurance policies can also serve as excellent tax-advantaged investment vehicles.

Health Insurance

Health care expenses are rising and the possibility of an illness or other health related expense can present a substantial risk to your financial situation. Health insurance can be used to limit your exposure to the risk of medical expenses. We provide access to individual and group coverage as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSA). We will work with you to custom tailor a heath care package that will suit your particular needs.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides you with protection against the risk of injury or illness which would prevent you from earning a living through your occupation.

Long Term Care Insurance

You may not want to think about needing Long-Term Care, but it’s a fact of life for a significant number of people. The cost of this type of care alone may be the biggest threat to your financial security. That’s why a dependable asset protection strategy that utilizes Long-Term Care Insurance should be a part of your financial planning.