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Our Foundation Total Return model portfolio was developed to offer you a potential solution to the volatility and inconsistency that can plague a traditional 60/40 stock & bond portfolio.

Potential Benefit: Moderate Returns with Less Volatility

While we utilize low-cost investments for the majority of our traditional stock & bond market exposure, what makes our Foundation Total Return model different is our use of alternative investment strategies. Our goal is to provide consistent market-based returns with lower volatility than traditional 60/40 stock & bond portfolios.

Our Foundation Total Return model typically utilizes the following:

  • Low-cost investments for general stock & bond market exposure
  • Long/Short Equity strategies to attempt to dampen the large swings that can occur in the stock market
  • Floating-Rate and Senior-Secured Loan investments that can offer higher income than traditional bond strategies and can also potentially provide principal protection if interest rates increase
  • Covered Call or Buy-Write strategies that seek to generate higher income from selling options while holding a diversified basket of stocks
  • Commodity strategies that can invest in almost any market around the globe and seek to profit from both up and down trends in these areas
  • 10% tactical weighting that seeks to take advantage of under-valued areas of the stock or bond markets

Foundation Total Return is an investment strategy and not a registered investment product. No strategy can guarantee a specific outcome, as all investing involves risk.

Learn how our unique Risk-Managed investment process can be a potential benefit to your overall financial well-being.

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